The DockATot is the very first product we used when our baby got home to help her sleep. It is a great product that allows the baby to literally be docked anywhere you are and allows them to sleep in comfort. It is extremely safe and doesn’t allow them to tip out. It also has a great opening bottom so that when your baby gets taller (as mine already has!) you can open it so they can fit. Totally worth every cent!

Sleep Sack

These weighted sleep sacks are great for comforting a new baby while they sleep. It keeps them warm when they aren’t able to have a blanket, and it is a great replacement for a swaddle!

Graco Simple Swing

This swing is a great, cost effective swing that can soothe babies when you need a place to put them down so you can do things without your newest friend in your arms. I also have found this thing will calm a screaming child down FAST.

Boppy Pillow

Boppy pillows are always needed. It helps hold your arms when you hold the baby so they don’t get tired, help mommy while nursing, holds the new born in place, assists with tummy time, and more!


These pacifiers double as a stuffed animal! Not sure what more a baby could want when they are freaking out.


Silicon Bib with Catcher

This bib has saved us so much clean up time! My kids are obsessed with creating a mess with their food and these bibs catch it all instead of it hitting the floor. They are dish washer friendly and extremely easy to clean. We take them to restaurants with us, which helps us combat 99% of the messes they make.