Products I love

Baby Monitor

This is what we use and it really is great. It does have cool features such as being able to talk back to the baby through it, as well as noises (rain, jingles, etc). Has great night vision as well!

Hatch Noise Machine

My baby is obsessed with the Hatch noise machine! It has several different colors as well as several different noises. Best of all, you can control if from your phone!

Stroller and Car Sear we Use

The Uppa Baby car seat and stroller really are the Rolls Royce of car seats and strollers. So many great features and comes with a basinet which is great when you don’t want to have to strap your kid in!

Nose Frida

Need to suck out those boogers? This gadget works perfectly!


The DockATot is the very first product we used when our baby got home to help her sleep. It is a great product that allows the baby to literally be docked anywhere you are and allows them to sleep in comfort. It is extremely safe and doesn’t allow them to tip out. It also has a great opening bottom so that when your baby gets taller (as mine already has!) you can open it so they can fit. Totally worth every cent!

Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut is one of my wife’s favorite baby clothing companies. The material is extremely soft and the fit is incredible for babies. My baby grew incredibly fast, and these outfits have fit her far beyond what the tag says. They hold up extremely well in the wash as well. They now also make other products besides clothing such as bedding, crib sheets, blankets and more!